Pain in the high number booty…

As mentioned in the previous post I am on the hunt for 1952 Topps high numbers. Mantle is the biggest, but the others are actually harder to track down.

For those that have never tried to put together a 1952 set it is actually divided into 2 series. the 1st or low numbers are 1-310. The second or high series are 311-407. Card number 311 is Mr. Mantle.

The high series is considerably more rare and valuable than the low series. Low series commons can be had in decent shape for as low as 8-10 bucks. High number commons are rarely seen for less than $100.

There are a number of stars and minor stars in the series. The aforementioned Mantle is joined by Hoyt Williams
Jackis Robinson
Pewee Reese
Roy Campanella
Bill Dickey
and what may be the second most significant card from the set, and a real sleeper of a card, Eddie Mathews. Low grade Mathews sell for about $1200.

There are also some other decent names like this guy.

Putting together the low series was not too hard and not hugely expensive, relatively speaking. A few common lots and a handful of graded ebay sales of the bigger dudes and we had the 1-310.

My dad took a little time to regroup to get started on the high numbers. Knowing when it was all said and done putting together the last 96 cards will run about 20 thousand buckaroos.

As I have been scouring ebay and various online shops I realized something about the high series, they are kind of an ugly set of cards. it has the same design as the low numbers but something about the actually player images is a little abrupt and harsh. Look at Bobby T up there. Now check out these guys.


As a whole the series lacks the softness of many of the lower series. It also lacks a lot of the bright background colors from the low series. Compare those two to these two.


See what I mean.

One card from the high series is a really nice looking card.
The scan is a little dark but you get the picture. This card has a nice clean and simple look. The photo of Ed looks far less colorized than many in the set. A very cool card.

While were on the topic. A guy is willing to sell me this exact copy for a $1000. Thoughts?

The journey to find this set is epic and a lot of fun. Best of all I am doing it with my dad, and cards and baseball are really about fathers and sons.

I will most likely get a Mantle and a chunk of commons in the next day or so. I hope to find a few more at the Chantilly show this weekend. I will continue to update my quest through the blog if folks are interested.


2 responses to “Pain in the high number booty…

  1. slaughtersauter

    I wish I could talk myself into paying a grand for any card.

  2. Very interested in seeing your quest through the blog and jealous you are chasing this iconic set.

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