What would you do with Pujols cash…

In my meandering around ebay I have come across some really slick vintage cards, at pretty reasonable prices. It got me thinking.

Lets say you hade a high grade 2001 Bowman Chrome Pujols auto. You put it on ebay. Recently one sold for $6,250. What all could you buy with that cash.

Here is my list.

This is the card that inspired this little exercise.

Even though his rookies season was 1941 this is considered his rookie.

This makes three HOFer rookies and we aint even close to the finish line.

This card just about gets us to the half way point. Rookies of three of the top 10 hitters all time and Tom Seaver equal half of one Pujols.

Not a top 10 hitter but a top 20 for sure.

It doesn’t fee right having one Robinson but not the other.

At this point I got bored looking for baseball palyers so we mix it up.


The greatest RB all time, YEAH I SAID IT!

How about the NBAs all time leading scorer to close things out.

Look at that collection of cards. All for what one Pujols Bowman Chrome auto will cost ya.

I like Pujols and have no problem with modern ultra high price cards but honestly what would you rather have?



One response to “What would you do with Pujols cash…

  1. Early Ted Williams!!!!!

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