To help carry thing over until I am strep free here is a rapid fire look at 2011-12 Hoops.

Feel free to drop your thoughts on the cards and set in the comments. A write your own review if you will.

The best thing about the set is it’s depth. It has 278 cards (well 279, more on that later) so you will see dues you won’t see in smaller sets. My box came just 5 cards short of a complete set, not too bad.

The base cards are cool. They did a good job giving them a look that reminds you of the original Hoops design but stands on its own.
On the topic of K-Love. For a day or so he overtook Lebron on PPG for the season. Currently he is tied with Lebron for third behind Kobe and KD. Pretty solid company if you ask me. He is also number two on the rebounds per game list.

All stars and award winners have multiple cards.
Rose with his trophy and rare smile.
I always want to call Pau Paul.

The biggest card in the set, for a time was this guy.
He is most likely out for the season. Linsaity is over. it sure was fun while it lasted.

They have some cool inserts.
The Slam Dunk insert is my favorite.
I really like this design. On the topic of the Wizards. The debate on the interwebs over whether or not Kentucky could beat the Wizards is absurd. NO college team can beat a pro team. Think about it. The best 2-3 guys on any college may find success in the pros. A pro team is comprised of 10-15 guys that have found success in the pros.

I digress.

You get two autos per box. There are some good names to be found, and some lesser known guys.

One of my favorite autos of late came from Hoops.
He came out of a blaster.

My favorite card of the box was this guy.
It’s a nice little chase. It’s card 279 so it’s a must for completists. It’s also a cool homage to the Detroit Pistons card from the original hoops release.

So what d y’all think?



2 responses to “Hoop-a-loop…

  1. Nice post. I love the set. Great Design, Great Checklist, No rookies but that is not a really bad thing.

  2. I thought Hoops was another in a long line of great low end products from Panini. While I haven’t received any new Minnesota autos/GU recently, hold on to that Armon Johnson for me? ๐Ÿ˜›

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