I’m back…with a sweet mail day…

Fun fact I learned over the last few days. You can pull every muscle in your abdomen from violent coughing fits. It still hurts like a b—- to laugh.

While on my road to recovery a nice little package arrived from tristar redemption programs. I still think it’s funny Topps redemptions come from a company with the same name as a competitor.

In the package was this guy.
Pulled from my anual box of Bowman DPP. It brought me back on my run of pretty massive hits from DPP. Not as good as the Buster Posey refractor auto from a few years back but still pretty solid. It may be the best “regular” card in the product.

what I do like is Topps sent it registered mail. Panini does the same thing with high dollar redemptions.

Pretty sweet.

Due to my illness I missed the Chantilly show so I am a little behind on my 1952 Topps chase. I did pick up a few cards on ebay so I should have some scans to post later this week.



3 responses to “I’m back…with a sweet mail day…

  1. Glad to see you’re doing better. And that is one fine piece of cardboard.

  2. I guess it’s good that UVA football doesn’t start for a few months, since it still hurts to laugh.

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