The first step…

I have my first three cards in hand. Three high numbers down.

No Mantle…yet.

The first card high number I picked up was this guy.
Pee Wee is a HOFer and one of the high priced high number cards. Only Mantle, Mathews, Campanella and Jackie Robinson are worth more. Three of the six most valuable cards are Dodgers. Greg will be happy. Granted these are Brooklyn Dodgers.

Fun fact. My dad and his family are all from Brooklyn. But, being Italians they are all Yankees fans. The only Dodger fan was my grandfather…an Englishman.

The card is pretty strong. High numbers are crazy expensive. Even at a PSA 3 this card cost a handful of Benjamins.
it’s a nice looking card, Pee Wee looks a little silly but I like it.

Next is a lesser known player but still not a common.
I just noticed something. Combine this card with the previous and you have Pee Wee Herman. I think it’s kinda funny.

Billy books at $600 and I got him for a good deal less than that. Billy is also a HOFer and one of the finest defensive players all time. He is one of the top 10 most valuable of the high numbers.

Another attractive card. It has a great ’52 look to it.

The last card of the three is the biggest.
This is a card that is more than just a card. It really is a piece of American history. It’s not Jackies first but probably his most well known and most valuable.

Thing is it’s not the sets nicest looking card. The red background is too much. I do like the image of him though. Very classic.

Next too Mantle and Mathews this is the biggest of the high numbers in value and demand. I got this for a bit of a steal. The card is in really solid shape accept for the staple holes. Personally I don’t think they hurt the appeal as much as a crease or tear. It did drive down the grade and value. I am very happy with this card and how much I paid for it (less than $500)

Here is the back.
My favorite cart is he is listed as 5′ 11 3/4″. Come on Topps just give him 6 foot.

Not a bad start.

The Edie Mathews card is gonna be more of a challenge than I realized. There aren’t a ton of good lower grade copies out there.

Another fun fact. Mathews 1952 Topps card is the second most valuable Topps card, ever. Who knew. Before I started working on this set I would have guessed Mays ’52 was. Not even close.

I have a few more cards on the way and have my sites set on a few more.

Once again if you have any or know anyone that has high number ’52’s let me know. I am sure we can work out some killer trades. Like Topps or UD Pujols rookies straight up for semi stars.



2 responses to “The first step…

  1. Damn, those are just amazing! Majorly jealous. Jackie and Pee Wee….just damn. Haha, congrats on the pickups!

  2. Very very nice. My dad has always said that he is 5’11 3/4″ . Strange, but it worked for me, because when I hit 6′, it meant I was taller!

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