Best of the best, backstop edition…

While scouring the ebay for ’52 high numbers I took a few detours.

One took me down a road that lead to this beauty.
Hells yeah!

It just arrived in the mail today.

I have made known my love of backstops and shown pieces of my catcher collection. This is the new jewel in that crown.

Bench is the greatest catcher all time. There I said it. He is also a top 20 overall player. I am too young to remember him in his prime but Bench has also been a big piece of baseball in my mind.

The card itself is killer. I love the design of ’68 and Bench looks so suave with his hat on backwords.

I got it for a steal. It’s a card I always wanted but always though of as out of my price range. It wan’t until I started looking at older graded cards that I realized one could be mine.

I love it.



One response to “Best of the best, backstop edition…

  1. Beauty card, this and the ’71 Munson are the pinnacle of catcher cards, congrats from a fellow catcher collector.

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