I’m done…

I have had enough of these jerks. This so called profesional baseball team.

Yeah Twins, I’m talking about you.

how do you come back from one of your worst seasons? I guess you come out of the gate an go 0-4. Including dropping 3 to the Os. THE O’S!!!

I think I may need to find a new past time for the summer. Maybe I can start watching dog shows or something. Anything to dull the pain that the Twins seem so intent on heaping on my shoulders.

The only high point, or more correctly slightly less low point is the fact Morneau is swinging the bat OK. Maybe he will return to his MVP form. Can you get picked as the AL MVP on a team that never wins a game?

I jest (kinda). I just miss the good old days when the Twins knew how to play baseball.



3 responses to “I’m done…

  1. Mauer needs to step up now. Show some emotion….something. Kick a water cooler. Enough of this! Might be the biggest bust in MLB history with his current contract.

    • The “aw-shucks” only gets you so far.

      I think you hit it on the head. No passion on this team.

      I think Span needs to step up an take control of the team. He seems like the guy most capable of doing so. Our two MVPs just lack the charisma to be true leaders of this team.

  2. josh willingham is playing pretty well!

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