The Longest Yard, I mean card…

For the last week or so Panini has been teasing that they have created the longest card ever for their upcoming NT football release.

I think it’s kinda funny. Obviously bragging about length is funny on a very basic, sophomoric level.

Let me get that out of the way.


It’s also funny because it’s kind of a silly thing to brag about. I mean this in a very benign and non-mocking way, but I didn’t realize length was something we looked for in cards.

The reveal on their blog today was fun. I think that’s what this is all about. I think its supposed to be a little tongue in cheek.

The actual card is comprised of signed patches of a mess of NFL rookies. It’s kinda badass as far the content. There are two different version, one just signed and one with inscriptions. I pulled a few of the pieces of the booklet card from their blog to share.

A nice design on it’s own merit. I like the big chucks of numbers they used on most of these. The inscriptions are all “Go (insert team name)” or similar variations such as this one.
For a second it looked like he wrote “Raider Dalton”. I thought maybe he was Roadhouse fan.

My favorite of the bunch is this guy.
Nice use of punctuation.

The card is over 8 feet long. In the video they have on their blog it shows it all folded up and stacked. It would easily fill the better part of 600 count box.

I would be excited to pull one, but wouldn’t seek one out. Booklets just aint my thing.

It seems like Panini is having a good time lately. Buisness must be good.



5 responses to “The Longest Yard, I mean card…

  1. I liked the idea at first…but two major issues I saw:
    1. How do you display it? If it was 30 cards wide or whatever, maybe you can frame it or make it a border. But 30 cards tall? You need a pretty tall wall to put it on or something unless you just fold it and keep it in a box for special occasions.
    2. What do you do when 75% of those guys lose all relevance? I mean, it’s a super cool piece and it definitely commemerates a specific draft…but in terms of value it’ll never be worth more than the original redemption card. A few guys might be great and they’ll help it, but all those guys with 1-4 year careers who bounce out of the league will group up to bring the value down. Which…value isn’t everything, but it is kind of a bummer for such a cool “card” to have a destiny of losing value.

    • How to display them has been the bane of the booklet card since day one.

      I think the value of this card will more be related to the novelty of it more so than the players on it.

      • Definitely true on the value. But the display…I mean booklets you can sit out somewhere or frame. This one…someone in a forum made the joke that you would need to live in a lighthouse to frame it. Just so darn impractical haha.

  2. If I ever end up with one of those, I’ll use it as part of my Chewbacca costume.

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