A few more…

Two more additions to the 1952 set arrived today. Giving me a grand total of 5 high number cards. Including a few of the better cards.

The first guy needs no introduction.
He keeps the Dodgers streak going, so far all 4 cards for the high number set have been Dodgers. All 4 are also Hall of Famers. Not too shabby.

Roy here is probably the best looking card of the bunch, it also has the 2nd highest grade. I think it is probubly closer to a 4 than a 3. But what do I know.

I really like the yellow background, it makes Roy pop.

I know Greg will be envious of this one.

The next guy isn’t a HOFer but he did play for the Dodgers at one time.
Randy made a few all star appearances before making a name for himself as a judge on American Idol.

The Dodgers traded for Randy from the Cubs in 1956 to eventually replace this guy at third.
Jackie was a 2nd basemen in his prime but had moved to 3rd when he started to lose a step.

Randy suffered a knee injury before he had a chance to get going with the Dodgers.

Randy looks like a current player but I can’t place him, maybe a little Jason Bartlett?

I also picked up a Bill Dickey. He is on his way so I will get him up on here in a few days.

Once again if anyone has any high number commons let me know. I have a few Jerry Rice and Pujols rookies I can trade.



2 responses to “A few more…

  1. Envious doesn’t begin to describe it. The day I pick up a ’52 Campy will be one of the greatest days of my life. Just gotta win the lotto first.

  2. Those are very sweet. I don’t pay attention to that stuff so I’m clueless as to PSA grading. The Campy card looks very nice. Sure looks better than 3 on a 10 scale. I’d take it in a heartbeat.

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