Any one watch NFL network Sunday night?

I was watching a little TV on Sunday night with the wife. Enjoying a little peace and quiet after we put the maniacs, I mean kids, to bed.

After feeling relieved that the Swamp Man found his dog Piss Willy in the swamps of Louisiana (as well as a nice ax cut cyprus) we flipped around until we found a special on the nfl network on the 10 best steelers. Apparently it was Steeler night.

I don’t think this was a new special. I may have even seen it before. It was pretty straight forward. The list had all the guys to be expected. Mean Joe, Bradshaw, Lampert, Swann, this guy,
Even a few modern era dudes like Troy P and Hines Ward.

One guys comments on Troy P kinda pissed me off a little.
Rod was critical of Troy’s inclusion. His argument was basicly Troy aint in the HOF so therefore he doesn’t belong on the list. He implied it wasn’t fair to leave off Steelers HOOFers for dudes not in the hall.

It’s true that with so many Steelers HOFers it takes a hell of a current player to knock one off. Troy and Hines fit that bill in my opinion. Both guys are key components to their success, and 2 rings, over the last decade.

Hines is headed for Canton, no doubt. Troy will also most likely be a HOFer as well. Even if he never plays another game.

So to respond to mister Woodson. These guy aren’t HOFers, yet, but are HOF caliber. See another key piece to being a Steeler great is hardware. I personally would have a hard time picking a guy in the top 10 that never won a ring in the black and gold. I am looking at you Rod.

I like Rod just fine, but in this case he should have kept it to himself.


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