More predictions…

Keep in mind these are my predictions, not this guys
He informed me that he doesn’t bother with baseball until the fall. I called him a half assed sports fan and he called me a bad word I won’t repeat here.

He did tell me he is getting some pretty strong premonitions concerning the NHL and NBA playoffs, so stayed tuned.

My wife and i split a box of Topps Heritage last Friday to celebrate opening day. As I was sorting the cards I pulled out a few guys I feel will make waves this season.

I listed my AL MVP picks a litte while ago so here is my NL pick.
Yup just one pick. I am all in on this guy.

Kemp will be NL MVP and make a real run at the triple crown. I think he will emerge as one of he true stars of the league. Up there with Pujols, Jeter and josh Hamilton.

I also have a feeling we will be hearing a lot more from this guy.
He doesn’t have the stupid crazy stuff he did back in ’10 but I think he will come on strong. The Nats have their best team to date and he should be able to pull in some wins.

I have him as my early season pick for NL Cy Young.




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  1. Beast mode never sleeps.

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