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Beckett posted a story about a recent legal case concerning redemptions.

The long and short of it is a judge in Michigan found in favor of a man suing UD for expired redemptions.

This is a pretty big deal in our little world, it could really cause some waves. I am curious to know what the various manufacturers think about this and the potential precedent it could set.

Based on a read through it seems the issue is that it wasn’t stated up front that the boxes could contain expired redemptions. So does that mean it has to clearly state the redemption experation date on the box and packs?




5 responses to “Check this out…

  1. This guy posted on Blowout, and there’s a huge thread about it mainly because everyone is sick to death of expired redemptions. The biggest reason he won here was because UD sent some part timer to represent the company and for some reason that wasn’t legit so they had to default and really only the prosecutor (here the redemption guy) got a say.

    Had UD actually showed up, things might have gone a little different. But it’s definitely an interesting happening and I’m curious what that will mean for the future.

  2. Unfortunately, I don’t foresee this having long term ramifications in the hobby. The way UD handled this suit was rather dismissive, not sending a true lawyer to handle the case tells me they aren’t taking it seriously, and they most likely will never pay the settlement. As now the plaintiff has to make the defendent pay, good luck sitting outside the UD office trying to get them to pay up.

    Until there is, for instance, a LARGE class action law suit against a major company (like Topps or Panini) that turn heads, I don’t think anything will change. Redemptions shouldn’t expire. If the cards was packed in as it should have been, it’s not like they’d pull product from the shelf & burn it (or just give it away to someone else) at some magical date. Card companies need to be held responsible. There will always be verbiage and legal lingo to product the sellers, but as long as the box purchased doesn’t implicitly state that there are redemptions that will expire at a certain date, I don’t see how they have a leg to stand on. To me, it’s classic bait-and-switch and especially with sticker autos, if they aren’t applied to a card until the redemption has been redeemed, then they can sit on the auto indefinitely and “use” it multiple times to entice buyers to buy a product. “Michael Jordan autos in every product, just give us time to put the sticker on if you’re lucky enough to pull a redemption, then after 2 years, we can use the left over stickers on another product!”

    I’m ranting, I know, but I just don’t think they are going away, but I also don’t see why card companies cannot hold onto the un-redeemed cards indefinitely (or until they cease to operate as a business). Or just pack out their product complete and avoid it all…

    • I wouldn’t call redemptions bait and switch…

      I think redemptions are a little out of hand, and the companies need to try and reign it back in. I don’t have an answer, we want big names in products, but those big names don’t always sign on time.

      Redemptions are the main reason I don’t buy early to late ’00s wax.

  3. Nothing will change. Nor will he ever be paid. The companies know they can get away with it and will always do so.

  4. I’ve got to agree with The Dimwit. They need to be held responsible.

    Technically, since the “odds” are printed on a pack/box, and since “odds” for something constitutes gambling, legally they’re supposed to give full disclosure, at least according to my law school brother. If you go to a casino, you can ask for the odds of payout on any machine and/or game, and the statistics are printed and stickered to the side of the machine by the local gaming commission. If baseball cards include relics and autographs and redemptions, and they’re considered gambling, then they need to be subject to the same amount of disclosure.

    I’ve also mentioned it before, but after having a converstation with UD, by phone, about this very issue, they tell people that the cards aren’t produced until someone claims them, which we all know is complete bunk. They most certainly re-use, re-sticker or sell whatever isn’t claimed.

    Either give us the redemptions within a reasonable (5 years, 10 years?) time limit, or print the “odds” of getting a redemption on the box so we know. This “12 month” redemption cycle is rediculous. They know full well that people by older products, and always will.

    Clearly it won’t change for prior products, nobody is going to get their 2007 redemptions because of this, but it’s something that needs to be addressed, and changed, moving forward with the hobby. Topps better be paying close attention.

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