I’m back on the bandwagon…

So the Twins won 10-9 yesterday. First lets focus on the not so great.

The Twins hurlers gave up 9 runs. Yikes

Now the good!

The Twins bats generated 10 runs.

Including an effort worthy of his 27 billion dolar contract from this guy.
Mauer went 3 for 5 with 3 RBIs. Those 3 ribis came from a 3 run homer. That’s what I expect from the sideburned one.

Adding to the old school feel of the offensive effort my man Mornea hit a 2 run dinger to pull the Twins into the lead.

This guy
AKA Hrbek junior went 2 for 5 and scored a run.

Danny V
He went 3 for 5 scoring 2 runs and driving one in.

Finaly Span the Man
Went nuts with 4 hits in 5 trips to the plate.

OK boys lets keep this going.



4 responses to “I’m back on the bandwagon…

  1. Josh Willingham 3-5 with his 4th Homer

  2. slaughtersauter

    Nice to see Mauer hit one out at home. that is pretty rare.

  3. Only 1-2 with a R yesterday for JWill.

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