Yankee monster…

I added another card to the 1952 high number set. This one is a doozy.
The book on bill is $1800, making him one of the pricier cards in the set.

Rightfully so. Dickey may not be as a big a name as Mantle, Ruth or DiMaggio, but he is still one of the yankee greats. He has a space in Monument park and his number is is retired. He is one of the all time great catchers. He is the guy that helped Yogi become a great defensive backstop. He is a HOFer and helped create another.

Dickey was a star when he played and a star coach and manager. He won an unprecedented 14 World Series! That is twice as many as Mantle and Ruth to put that in perspective.

It’s a great looking card. One of the better in the set.

This copy is slightly trimmed, about 1/16 an inch. It would hurt it if I graded it but for a display set it’s perfect. It kept cost down. I payed less than $150. Not too shabby.



One response to “Yankee monster…

  1. Nice score. Definitely an under-viewed card. I can’t remember if I’ve ever seen one before.

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