’90s, high dollar style…

Earlier this week a 97-98 Metal insert, green edition of Kobe sold for crazy cash. By crazy I mean enough cash to be a very nice sedan, new.

This isn’t the first of the mid-late ’90s bball inserts to sell for phat cash. I like the trend and hope it rolls over to the pressent. One way to eliminate the redemption problem is to cut down on the reliance on autos as hits. Some really well done SP parallels may be the way to go. It has worked in the past, here is the for proof of that.

That’s not what this post is about. This post is to try and push the high dollar frenzy of this mid to late ’90s inserts a little earlier. Why not get the nuts about some early ’90s inserts.
I am sure there is someone out there I can convince to drop even a fraction of the Kobe cash on this Jordan. It’s a great design and was an SP. I would be willing to part with it for the measly sum of 10k. A bargain at less than 1/3 of the Kobe money for a Jordan!

One can dream right?



3 responses to “’90s, high dollar style…

  1. The card is already cool enough, but there is more to the photo. Jordan is dunking on Kendall Gill of the Charlotte Hornets in Charlotte…where he is now the owner and boss of the (horrible) Charlotte Bobcats…soon to be renamed the Hornets (well, at least the majority of Charlotte wants that).

  2. I love the old Beam Team designs. I got back in to collecting in ’92 and I remember hoping to pull any Beam Team card in those early-90’s Stadium Club sets, never had any luck though.

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