What could have been…

Today is Jackie Robinson day. We all know the story and the significance to both baseball and society.

What fewer people know is Jackie Robinson wasn’t the Dodgers first choice. This guy was.
Monte was approached by the Dodgers in ’45 about joining the club. Monte was a little worn out from having spent 3 years fighting WWII so he passed. He worried he didn’t have the juice at the time and failure, no matter the reason, would have had large consequences for the cause.

A few years later Jackie took the field and the rest is history.

Next time you see a Monte Irvin card take a second to flip it over and read a little more about the man. It will be worth your while.



2 responses to “What could have been…

  1. And the Red Sox could have had Jackie, but they didn’t want to have him on their team. In fact, they waited until they were the last MLB team to integrate. It’s sad as a Red Sox fan.

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