Other collectibles…

Believe it or not there are people on the planet that collect things other than cards. I know, crazy right?

I am going to take a few posts to explore this strange world of non-cardboard based collecting.

The first thing I am going to look at actually found it’s way to my attention via trading cards. These cards to be exact.
These are a series of cards from a recent Topps Star Wars Galaxy set. They are based on limited edition posters from Mondo Tees.

Every few weeks the company releases limited print run posters of various movies and pop culture topics. The Star Wars posters that inspired the cards above sell for major bank on ebay.

This one is hands down my favorite.
The artwork was done by a guy named Olly Moss. More on him later. A set of all three posters, limited to just 400 of each, recently sold on ebay for a little over 3 grand.

I love them. Such an interesting take on the subject of Star Wars. You can stare out it and keep seeing new things. The blue/green of the ROTJ poster and the almost ghostly image of the AT-ST in the background gives it a mythical feel.

I also really like these.
It’s a more traditional take on a movie poster but the use of color takes it to a new place. The simple blue gives it a very cool feel with a little bit or red to jump out and keep it from geting washed out. These are done by a guy named Tyler Stout. I don’t know this for a fact but I would asume he would list Geof Darrow as one of his influences.

Tyler’s poster for ROTJ is my favorite of the series.
There is something about the red and green that I find really appealing.

These are a bargain compared to Olly’s work. The three form the original trilogy sold for just under $800.

Mondo’s poster aren’t just limited to Star Wars.

This is by a guy named Kevin Tong and is also quit stunning.

This may be one of the more well knows (in geek circles that is) of the posters from Mondo.
It sells for about $200.

I am not the biggest fan of this one. I love the movie They Live but just don’t find this poster as visually interesting.

I do really like this one.
It is also by Olly Moss and can be yours for about $500.

Olly Moss is easily my favorite of the artists here. He was born in the UK is a pretty young dude, mid 20s. In addition to his poster work he has a series of silhouettes of various pop culture icons.

This one is my favorite.

The posters are released on Mondo’s website from time to time and sell out immediately. if you are lucky enough to grab one at the IPO you will have a pretty cool little something.

I don’t own any of these poster, but do have one nice litho in the same realm as these guys.
My wife is a big DMB fan and I got this for her for Christmas.

Not as cool as Olly’s work but still a nice little something to hang on the wall. I really like the colors, the cool clue with the yellow flame to add some sweet contrast.

Take a few minutes to look through the Mondo poster archive. It’s pretty bad ass.



5 responses to “Other collectibles…

  1. Don’t think I would ever collect Star Wars cards, but those are pretty dang sweet!

  2. Two things:

    1. Your e-mail got hacked.
    2. Hit me up if you want to revisit that trade we were discussing.

  3. I’ve been following the Alamo Drafthouse / Mondo Tees print releases for two or three years now. I never seem to be available to jump in and buy the ones I want, but somehow I survive.

    I’m a big fan of Olly Moss’ work, and I also greatly enjoy Dan McCarthy’s prints, particularly “Hoth” and “City on the Edge of Forever”, for Star Wars and Star Trek references, respectively. I love the fact that especially for “Hoth”, it could look like a supposedly boring winter mountain scene, until one looks closely and finds a probe droid, and then more coming in for a landing in the background sky. I appreciate the subtlety, although I know it may not be for everyone.

    “Hoth” usually goes for $250+ on eBay on those rare occasions it shows up, and “City” can be had for around a Franklin. I’m glad you highlighted these. Good to see that these designs will be available for more people to see and acquire, even if only a couple inches across.

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