I have been ebay a lot lately so guess what? Another ebay post.

Take a look at this completed listing.

I have a question.

Are you allowed to make reprints to sell. I don’t know where the card comes from, perhaps it is a Topps sanctioned reprint but none the less it brings up the question is one allowed to make their own reprints to sell?

I also saw this listing.

It says novelty up front, the question applies.

I will say I am not passing judgment on either seller. As I said both listings clearly state they are reprints. Both sellers have %100 feedback ratings. I am just curious about this. I have seen more of these listings lately, specifically Jeremy Lin related. I am not sure if it’s an increase or I am just noticing them.




6 responses to “Reprints…

  1. I am calling those scammers. I highly doubt those autographs are real. In fact, if you look at those side by side, I can guarantee if one of them is a real signature, the other is a forgery. And I would doubt if either are real signatures. Shame that two people got scammed by those. Caveat emptor, for sure.

    • I don’t think they are saying they are real sigs

      • But it looks like a real sig, and a lot of buyers won’t read the small print. If there’s one thing you learn quick on the card forums, it’s that many buyers are not like us card folk and they just buy a card or two for a birthday or just for fun. They have no idea what they’re looking at, let alone what novelty or facsimile means, and many just assume an auto is an auto is an auto. And they’ll bid up those auctions everytime thinking they’re getting an Albert Pujols real auto. Sad thing is many of them will never even realize it’s not real since they don’t know anything about the hobby, so they won’t even be upset. But the seller makes $60-70 selling a card worth less than the cardboard it’s printed on and that’s shady to me.

  2. I agree with you on not passing judgment (lest ye be judged). I will say however that what I think it comes down to is intent. I would NOT knowingly try to sell items like this even if I list it as a reprint. I would imaging the intent of the sellers is to entrap unsuspecting bidders in to overpaying for a facsimile item.

  3. I agree with Jeff. In my opinion, they are at least being intentionally vague. You’re right, they probably aren’t real sigs, but how can you know for sure (one way or the other) based on what’s posted?

    Also – I doubt these are “sanctioned” – if that’s the case, these would basically be piracy.

  4. This basically seems to be “scammer’s outfitters”. Buy an upfront “reprint” on eBay, and then resell it to some sucker later for much more.

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