Mickey Mantle and friends…

You can’t have a ’52 Mantle in your house and not take some pictures and scans.

So which of these pairs is the best match?






Finally my pick

Honestly I have to go with the first one but the Mattingly comparison is my favorite.



10 responses to “Mickey Mantle and friends…

  1. As iconic card go, I agree.

  2. Mantle and Mattingly, hands down.

  3. I don’t even notice the other cards next to it.

  4. I would think the Jordan or the Gretzky would be the most appropriate since they are all three arguably the most iconic card in their respective sport.

  5. How come no one is picking Herbie?

  6. I think the Griffey and Mantle are – along with Honus Wagner holy grail (what, you don’t have a copy of that to put next to the Mantle :)?) – the two most recognizable BASEBALL cards. So I think there’s an argument there.

    I’m not a basketball card collector, but I recognize that Jordan card and I think others do, as well. Mantle and Jordan are the 2 most popular players in their sport from a collectible standpoint – their collectibles will always sell well, no matter what.

    The Gretzky might be iconic for hockey, but I don’t recognize it, and while I’m not a hockey collector, the same could be said for the Jordan but it’s still an instantly recognizable card.

    The Jordan and the Griffey are head and shoulders above the rest to me. All 3 of those sets are watershed sets for the hobby, and those are the flagship cards of those sets.

  7. mantle Jordan, at least those cards go into the thousand dollar range

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