Yesterday I visited my dad and brought him the ’52 Mantle. He was pretty hyped to finally hold one. Well maybe hold one again. As a kid growing up in 1950’s NYC he very well may have had one as a kid.

While there we picked up a few boxes.

I opened two boxes.

In the first box I got this guy.

In the second I got this guy.

Any Lind fans out there?

I think Lind is a bit underrated in the hobby. He has shown he has some decent power and quietly had a monster year back in 2009 with 35 HR, 114 RBIs and a .305 average. Last season he went 26, 87 and .251 in 125 games. He isn’t star caliber at the moment but is a decent bat to have on your team.

Any Jays fans interested in a trade?



3 responses to “Lind-sanity…

  1. There’s a Lind fan in New York state that has a bit of ‘A Cardboard Problem’. I’m sure she’d be willing to trade.

  2. I’m a big Adam Lind collector!

  3. I’ll trade ya for the Gypsy Queen Auto!

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