A couple of HOFers…

The jumbo box of 2012 Topps sure payed off.

I got my Lind auto, my Cobb Golden Giveaway, a full set and two pretty sweet relics. Not to mention 3 posts.

The first is a manu-relic and pretty sweet.
I like these guys. The little ring deal looks cool.

Reggie is pretty badass and I like the dark green of the card. It’s about 8 inches thick so I am not sure how to store it but still a cool card.

The second relic is by far the top dog of the box, and one of the better relics I have ever pulled.
I love it.

Stan the man is one of my favorite old timers and his bat card will go right next to my Babe Ruth bat card.

A pretty solid box all around.



One response to “A couple of HOFers…

  1. Play at the Plate

    Not too shabby! I picked up the Jackson ring in a lot I bought earlier off Blowout. It is very thick, probably the thickest card I have.

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