Where are all the rookies?

Where did all the rookies in the NBA go?

This year it is a one man show in Kyrie Irving.
Sure Rubio had a nice go of things but he was drafted a few years ago. Of this years draft class Irving is the only guy worth mentioning.

Look at last year. Cousins was OK, Evan Turner had a few good games, but it was pretty much just this dude.

What happened?



5 responses to “Where are all the rookies?

  1. Have you not heard of Klay Thompson? He’s doing super well in Golden State. And what about Isaiah Thomas of Sacramento? He’s not quite at Kyrie and Klay, but for the last pick of the draft he’s having quite a year.

    Kemba Walker has been decent, but isn’t in the same conversation. Kenneth “Manimal” Faried was good for a spell too.

  2. Klay may yet be a solid star, but i can’t get too excited about 11.9 ppg

  3. Josh Lumpstead

    Klay ppg is low because he played behind Monta Ellis untl Ellis was traded. THats what happened to many rookies and the lock out hurt a lot of rookies and sophs.

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