Paradigm shift…

I am thinking of making a shift in my collectinon.

I have a huge chucnk of ’70s and ’80s baseball rookies. These are cards from when I was a kid. I keep the HOFer rookies and other big dogs close by. I also have a mess of prosepcts and rookie autos from the last 10-15 years. A mess of various higher end parallels and patches and what not. Then just a few vintage age cards.

I think I am going to hold onto my childhood hero cards and focus on increasing my vintage. To fund that I am playing with the idea of selling off a mess of my other stuff.

For instance. I bet I could sell this card
It should give me enough flow to buy a lower grade ’51 Mays rookie and have a little bank left over.

I like the Rose gold auto, but I think I would rather have a card of historic significance instead.

Food for thought.



5 responses to “Paradigm shift…

  1. Go for it. A ’51 Mays would be a great pickup in exchange for that Rose.

  2. Oh., by the way. Have you seen the new 2012 Upper Deck Football College Mascots Patches? They have a HokieBird that I’m dying to get. They also have a CavMan. Just search CavMan on eBay.

  3. With all of Rose’s injuries who knows what his long term future will be. Good idea to flip it.

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