Lefty rookie…

I just picked this baby up on the ebay.
Hells yeah.

Lefty is one of my favorite non-Twin all time.

I am going to out on a limb and say he is the greatest pitcher in MLB history, at least the best pitcher of my lifetime. He was a 4 time Cy Young winner playing a good number of his years on a terrible Phillies team.

Look at his 27 win season in 1972. His team only won 59 games that season. Lefty was responsible for almost half the teams win. Think about that a minute. If the team offered even average run support he could have won well over 30 games.

He won 20 games or more 6 times. He was in striking distance of 20 wins 3-4 other times.

He retired with 329 wins and 4136 strike outs. Monster numbers.

I also got a sweet Fritz “eyebrow” Ackley as a bonus.

1965 has really cool card backs.
I love the blue and white. It’s simple and smooth.

I love this card. I put Lefty in the same realm as Mays, Ruth and Aaron. One of the true all time greats.



3 responses to “Lefty rookie…

  1. One of the all-time greats, for sure. I believe he ranks just below Spahn for greatest left-hander, and there are a few righties ahead of him in my opinion (Maddux, Seaver, just to name a couple). But definitely a great pitcher.

  2. I feel Sandy Koufax is the greatest lefty all time. Anyway, that Carlton looks pretty damn good for a 5.5 grade. Congrats!

    • Koufax was great, but 27 wins on a team that only won 59 all season! Not even the great Sandy man can top that. Lefty also had like 30 complete games that year.

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