Be right back…

I am going to be a little scarce the next few days. I will do my best to drop a few here and there.

In the meantime here is a little something for my fellow thirty-something collectors.
How sweet was this card?



9 responses to “Be right back…

  1. I heard he just signed with the Worchester Tornadoes of the Can-Am League.

  2. He was coaching the Yuma Scorpions down here in AZ. One and done I guess

  3. Worcester…lol. Area where I grew up so I’m always correcting people who add that evil “h”

  4. Play at the Plate

    I think he may be one of only two guys (Bonds) that I’d rather see less than Bryce Harper.

  5. This card had 45 variations. The one you show has the slightly rose complexion, so it is the 17th variation(’86 Donruss had a bunch of color temps).

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