I am sure folks have heard about the death of Junior Seau.

The fact police believe it may be a suicide seems crazy. He always seemed like an upbeat larger than life guy.

Seau was a beast on the field and a monster on cardboard. Even though I was never a Bolts or Pats fan I always liked Junior and collected many of his cards.



This last one may be my favorite
It takes one tough dude to look so badass in zubas.


6 responses to “Damn…

  1. I have that zubas card too. It’s a shame.

  2. just a clarification: it’s a shame that his life ended so soon, not the zubas.

  3. I’m having a really hard time deciding how I feel about football nowadays. I mean, the evidence on the side of “hard hits lead to brain damage lead to awful lives, either short due to depression or damaged due to dementia” is getting to be overwhelming. If I had a son I don’t think I’d want him to play football But I love the sport…it’s so hard…

    • I know my son will never play football.

      You are right, the NFL and players union need to really look at this problem in a meanngful way. Seau is by far the highest profile to meet this type of end, maybe it will spark some needed change.

      You can’t have these physical monsters killing each other and not have it lead to problems later. It’s not just blown out knees it the damage to their brains.

  4. just an awful story.

  5. I still don’t think he did it. If you decide you are going to go this route why would you ever shoot yourself in your chest? In the mouth seems lika better way than how he did it. Or how he was shot, anyways.

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