Monster of a pick up…

Check it
I have wanted this card for a long time and finnaly pulled the trigger.

The card is in solid shape for it’s age and cost me right around a benny.

I am too young to have seen the man play but growing up in Minny he was very much a part of the sports landscape and lore.

With this card I am just one card shy of having rookies of all the Twins HOFers.

Harmon was a beast in his day, one of the premier homerun hitters of his era. An era that also included Mantle, Aaron, Mays, McCovey, Maris, and Frank Robinson. To be even named with those guys gives you same major swagger. From that group only Mays, Robinson and Aaron have more homeruns. He is still #11 on the alltime list. A few of those guys ahead of him are from the dreaded steroid era, so you can argue he is still a top 10er.

Harmon was also a true gentleman of the game. A guy that never seemed to have bad press and even modern players revered and respected.

Some critisize his low lifetime batting average. But it’s hard to argue with 573 dingers.



3 responses to “Monster of a pick up…

  1. Congratulations. Great card, Great guy. I still have him as #7 on the HR list.

  2. Very nice card, congrats! I met Harmon in Mankato in 2002 and was a very nice to me. A true legend of the game.

  3. Nice reprint! (I kid!!)

    Living so far from the Twin Cities, I never got to more than a couple games as a kid, but I did see him hit a HR (and Hisle the next AB). Baseball had no finer of a gentleman. Nice pickup

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