the D double O, D double O style…

I am a little late to post on the topic but as someone in his mid 30s I feel the need to touch on the death of MCA, aka Nathan Wind, aka Nathanial Hörnblowér, aka Adam Yauch.

The thing about MCA and the Beastie Boys is they were always cool. They always stood just outside mainstream music and culture and always justa little ahead of the rest of us. They never had a bad album, a bad record or a bad video. Every move was just plain cool, as in C, double O, L.

MCA was always my favorite of the crew. There was something about his voice. Ad-Rock had the most unique voice but MCAs always stuck out to me. He was also the brain behind many of their videos. He was the most well rounded artist of the crew.

His work with various causes, must notably Free Tibet also set him apart.

He and the other 2 Beasties have limited cardboard legacy just three cards I am aware of, all from Pro Set.

I could only find their two Yo MTV Raps cards.
A prefect picture of the early years B Boys

This card is almost haunting now.

I couldn’t track down the card from the Super Stars set.

I got to see them a few times, most notably at the Tibeten Freedom concert in DC in the mid 90s. My 5 year old son has become quite the Beastie Boys fan. Nothing makes me happier then when he asks his mother “Do you like parties?” I am bummed he will never get to see them. We do disagree on our favorites songs. I prefer their more rock themed stuff such as Gratitude. He is all about stuff off of Hello Nasty. I think the robot in the Intergalactic video has a lot to do with that.

The Beastie Boys meant more to my generation than I think we realize and Adam Yauch will be missed.



4 responses to “the D double O, D double O style…

  1. It’s cool that their are some cards of the BBoys. I like them a lot too. I thought he had gotten over the cancer. Really sad. Did you catch the Coldplay tribute to them? Cool rendition of Party for your Right.

    • I saw Coldplay, on paper it seems like it would be lame but it worked. I like when he gets to “Your mom busts in and says whats that noise” and you can just feel the anticipation and emotion as the crowd waits for what comes next…

  2. Yeah, it was a nice gesture. It could have been dumb, but they pulled it off. Those lyrics really take me back to high school.

  3. I want this card so bad

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