Putting the wax back in wax?

My wonderful offspring got me sick again. This time I lost my voice. It has helped me save on the phone bill.

Anyway on to cards.

Topps dropped some knowledge on the twitterverse today in the form of a teaser picture of the upcoming Topps Archive box.
Topps says an announcement is coming concerning the product.

One rumor I hope is true is that the cards will come in legit old school wax packs. I sure hope this is true.

I am really excited to this product when it hits. All the preview images have looked great.

A little wax stain would be a nice touch of nostalgia.



4 responses to “Putting the wax back in wax?

  1. I need that Mattingly!

  2. The problem with original wax packs was that you could open them up, pull out the good stuff, replace it with a common, then re-seal it with an iron. I could see the pack-searcher types doing that with this.

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