Lebron won his 3rd MVP award, a pretty big deal. It puts him in a pretty good company with the Like of Kareem, Bill Rusell, Magic, MJ, etc… Granted it means nothing to history if he doesn’t get a ring.

Anyway this isn’t about him it’s about one of the lesser known but none the less serious ballers in the league.

Mr. Danny Granger
It’s pretty easy to draw a comparison to former Pacer great Reggie Miller. A guy that performers day in and day out but is over shadowed by much bigger names.

Danny has been putting up solid numbers in Indiana. Granted this past season was a bit of a slowdown but he is tearing it up in the playoffs.

His rookies are pretty cheap and worth a look. You can pick up his Topps Chrome rookie for the change in your pocket. Well worth the it.

If he lights up Lebron and his flopping teammates his cards could see a well deserved pop.



One response to “Underrated…

  1. My least favorite player in the NBA. That includes LeBron.

    He ditched the Bradley Braves program for New Mexico or something. The coach tampered and didn’t tell the NCAA. Granger didn’t say anything either.

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