Panini Prime Signatures review…

Prime Signatures is a one pack ber box one hit per box deal, in the same vein as Topps Supreme and Upper Deck Ultimate.

Boxes can be found for around $50 online.

The base cards have a really nice look and feel. Each card is 72pt thick, so they have some nice heft to them.
Ecah card is numbered to 499 and you get 3 per pack/box.

I really like the simple white design. It’s a real departure from what we tend to expect from Panini. Their base cards tend to have a lot of design elements, these are a nice change of pace in that they was so simple and understated. I think they look really slick.

The set has a mess of old schoolers. Of the three base cards I pulled two were older dudes.

The first is this guy.
I must admit I don’t know who he is. I do like the image. They have a nice photo/painting hybrid look. What has become standard high end fare.

For those interested Brodie played in the 60’s and 70’s and was a two time all pro. He also had a second career as a pro golfer.

The final base is sweet.
Hells yeah it’s George Papadapolis!

The base card are solid and you also get one hit.

I pulled this
Sure minor bummer for a redemption but it is for an on card rookie auto numbered to 99 and they look pretty sweet from what I have seen around the internets.

They have a mix of legends and rookie autos so there are some sweet hits.

My redemption is for Bilal Powell by the way. I still hold hope he will be a solid back.

At $50 a box it’s a nice budget friendly roll of the dice.



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