A HOFer and another dude that should be a HOFer…

I continue my quest to turn auto and relics into vintage rookies.

I sold some SPs and SSPs and a couple of autos and a patch or two and turned them into a card I have wanted for at least 20 years and another card of a dude I have loved since I was a wide eyed young man in 1980’s.

The first dude is none other than a pair of bad knees and a dream Mr. Mike Schmidt.
As a youngster in the late ’70s and early ’80s Mike Schmidt was the first real superstar I remember. Living in the ‘burgh Willie Stargel was a bigger name but Mike Schmidt seemed larger than life. As I got a little older he still remained in my mind the biggest name in the game.

I was in the peak of my card collecting when he retired and his rookie went through the roof. It was way out of reach of my teenage budget. Over 20 years later I finally pulled the trigger.

The card is really a double threat. Mike is the star but Cey is no slouch either.

This card puts me one Bruce Sutter rookie away from having all the’70s HOFer rookies.

The next is a really fun card.
Few players are as fun as Mr. Tony Oliva.

Tony Oliva won three batting titles and put up solid numbers during an era dominated by some of the best pitching in the history of baseball.

Tony and his traveling roommate Rod Carew won 10 batting tittles over a 15 year period. Crazy right!

Tony was a member of the inaugural Twins HOF class. Hopefully the veterans committee will give him the nod.



3 responses to “A HOFer and another dude that should be a HOFer…

  1. Josh Lumpstead

    While Oliva is a very good player he does not belong in the Hall

  2. Josh Lumpstead

    Not being connected in baseball in any way you are correct I do not belong in the Hall.

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