What problems, no, everything is fine…

“My name is Rodger and I have a problem…”

Football is a game played by tough guys. “Real” men if you will. They through their body into with total abandon. Team and victory above all else.

Sounds good on paper, or blog as the case may be. Problem is the skill and strength of the game has outpaced the human body. As a result the NFL’s future seems to be in doubt for the first time in a long time.

That is enough for anyone to deal with, but no, poor Rodger has other issues.

RM up there is facing 180 days in the poke for assault.

Crime is bad, earth shattering right? To make it worse though this is a crime committed buy someone playing a sport being openly criticized and surrounded by questions regarding it’s brutality. One of the NFLs player being charged with assault reinforces that notion in a very bad way.

I don’t know the answers to footballs woes. I hope they can figure it out, it is a great game to watch. I have fond memories of watching with my dad growing up. I hope I can have the same experience with my son, without having to explain why the man is being carted off the field and why none of the players from when I was a kid are still around.



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