Look what arrived in the mail today.
Alyssa “Poison Ivy 2” Milano

Samantha is a huge sports fan. Well she is at least a fan of men who play sports. I believe she has dated a number of ball players. All right I need to stop before this turns into tmz 2.0.

The card is pretty dope, It’s a simple design with a nice clean auto…who am I kidding, who cares about the design when it has the 39 year old hottie of all our adolescent fantasies!

I think I will store it in with my Tiffany auto. Maybe as a treat the reigning MVP can be stored in the middle…did that step over a line, maybe a little too PG-13?



3 responses to “Yowzah….

  1. Just thinking of her and Brad Penny together makes me think I have a shot with her.

    Brad*****ing Penny.

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