Talking baseball…Linsky, Zack and Mike…

Panini is dropping baseball products like my daughter drops her binky, that is to say a lot.

The most recent is Limited. That’s its name by the way, there seems to be plenty of it so it’s not so much limited in the traditional sense. So not “confined or restricted within certain limits”. Well wait a minute maybe that does work. Since MLB has an exclusive deal with Topps then panini Limited is limited in the sense it can’t use MLB logos. Interesting…well I think it is anyway.

I whole heartedly suport Panini’s push into baseball. It is great for the hobby. They seem to be doing it right as far as focus of their products. it’s mainly all about prospects, a subset of players that collectors are more OK with out full on MLB unis.

Limited gives you plenty of prospects.

It’s a one pack per box affair and delivers 3 autos. One of which is on card.

Limited has always been an interesting set. The design has always seemed to have an almost corporate look to it. Not a slick Forbes 100 look, but more like the look of a corperate logo you would see on a farmers hat. I don’t mean that as a dig mind you. I think it stems from the limited logo. It has an older school apeal. It’s simple yet strong, much like me. I think it has something to do with the diamond.

The on card auto keeps with this feel.
It has a real middle America sense to it. The design looks like it comes from a mid ’80s NASCAR set. It’s a design that doesn’t give a good god damn. The card also has a texture to the surface, you can see it in the scan. It’s a card for hard working men (or women), even if it wet or covered in 30 grade motor oil you ain’t gonna drop that son of a bitch.

I like how the vertical lines play off the corners of the logo. A good looking card all around.

Bonus points for a sweet first name too.

The other autos also have a good look.
The first auto is a card for a guy sharpening the blade on his zero-radius mower with a handheld grinder. These are more for a guy that has a neighbor kid mow the grass. It’s a slightly more refined look. Sure it has some strength. This guy still has an 18 volt Dewault drill in his garage, but he is a little more refined. When no one is around he may even listen to Jeff Buckely, but he is wearing a well worn Black Flag t-shirt. He is complex.

When you are playing the logo game a nice tight shot is a great way to go. Cropping in on the player also gives it a nice intimate feel. The black and white gives it that touch of class.

The non-auto version looks even better.
If they pulled the photo down a little to chew into the white area you would have a top 20 card design.

I like that Panini numbers most of it’s prospect cards, it lets you know where things stand. It’s like a rear engine Snapper, there is no hood to lift you just look at the engine and see whats what.

The rest of the cards in the box are veterans.

This is reminiscent of some older Donruss cards. It has similar texture to the first auto. Oil, water, what ever fluid you have won’t put this guy on the ground.

I like this card for a few reasons.
First of I like that it’s David Wright. I like that David Wright has found his touch with the bat again.

I also like the design. Wood grain always looks good on a card. This card in particular has a real old school rec-room feel. I am not going to say man cave even though that’s what many would call it these days.

This design represents a guy that has his buddies over to do a live fantasy draft. A few pizzas and a case or two of beer. A nice sensible beer too. Yeunling or maybe Sam Adams. He has power tools but not a contractor grade brand, something like black and decker or craftsman.

The final card is this.
I am not the biggest fan of duel veteran cards. it’s a fine enough looking card. A Sox/Yanks card is always a crowd pleaser.

Limited has some cool stuff, something for you no matter what type of cordless drill you own. Personally I have an old nicad Bosch. What about you, what are you driving.



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