Locker talk…

Needless to say back in the day I was one cool MFer. Right around the time the calendar rolled over from ’89 to ’90 I was a young freshman in high school. I was sporting a slick brown leather jacket, some Nikes Airs, some stone washed jeans and typically some form on Nike t-shirt. Bo Knows or Air Joran perhaps. I remember having this one.
Rad as hell baby.

Me and my boys spent the weekend chillin’ at Joe’s house drinking mountain dew and dunking on his 8 foot hoop.

We all collecting cards and rolled out to card shows when ever we had some cash. We all had our speciality. Anton liked Twins, Joe was all about the Cubs and Spurs, my little brother Greg collected all things Pittsburgh, I collected Mets and Brandon and Randel were mainly into D&D but came along anyway.

We had a few collective obsessions as well. The biggest was this card.
This was the card! As kids none of us ever actually had one. I know Joe and I both landed the high number version, but not the low number SP.

Basketball was king in the early ’90s. Jordan and his boys were at their peak and Bird, Magic, Isiah, Clyde, Malone were all killing it. It was easily the best generation of ballers all time, maybe in any sport. I remember it was big news when one of the players was going to be on Arsenio. All my boys watched and we all talked about it by the lockers the next day. Robinson was the top rookie and the guy to get.

Being in Minny we had our own home town obsession, for very different reasons though.

When the Wolves first came to town we were all in either 8th or 9th grade, i can’t remember. Pooh Richardson was their first draft pick and probably the most popular guy, but we were fans of hometown hero and former Gopher Randy Breuer. As Anton used to say “no one can miss a dunk like Breuer”. In our minds he was the embodiment of all things wrong with the Wolves. He was big, slow and kinda dorky. It was probably not a fair view of the big man, but we were kids.

I can’t find them but the center of all of our collections was our Breuer Wolves inaugural season cards given out by Burger King. I hope I still have it somewhere. I remember I ironically put it in a screw down holder. I was so cleaver.

Around the time of maybe sophomore year the Dream Team hit, and hit big. I remember Joe had a Drexler USA jersey. I may have had a Stockton one, Brandon and my brother had USA logo t-shirt and i think Randell had a cap. We wore those things to bare threads that summer.

We also feverishly chased the team USA cards.
Hoops versions were the most plentiful, but the Sky Box cards were the $%^& you wanted the most.
I think the design still holds up. I love the blue.

Trading was a huge deal, and the most mega trade i remember was between my buddy Joe and my dad.

My dad was putting together a collection of all of Gretzky’s cards, something a lot easier to do back then before hundreds of inserts and hits of every star each year.

Somehow Joe landed an OPC 3rd year card of the great one.
It was one my dad needed so he traded Joe a complete set of 1990 Sky Box and I think maybe some cash for the Gretzky. Epic

The biggest thing to hit in our early teen collecting years came when UP entered the bball game.
Locker boxes baby!

My guess in any collector in the mid 30’s remembers these bad boys. They were the precursor to the modern blaster. It gave you 10 packs, with special rookie inserts for about 10 bucks. Well within our lawn mowing and paper route fueled budgets.

The big dudes at the time were these guys.
Pulling one was cause for celebration.

Joe my brother and I were the most avid collectors and stuck with it the longest but around 1992 we started turning 16 and getting cars and after school jobs. Chasing girls also become much more of a focus.

I still keep in touch with most of these guys. Joe is my closest friend from the group. My brother was best-man and Joe was a groomsmen in my wedding. I know joe checks the blog from time to time so hopefully he sees this and gets a chuckle.

Collecting with my wife and kids is fun but nothing beats those days. I still have most of these cards and will never part with them.

I really need to find that BK Breuer.



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