Can the old man do it?

In a few minutes the Spurs lead by senior citizen Tim Duncan and Frenchman Tony Parker take on Chris Paul and human dunk machine Blake Griffin. If the Spurs keep playing like they have been they will send the Clippers back to LA.

I am all about the Spurs for a few reasons.

1. They represent a old school style of play. They aren’t flashy and don’t rely on dunks. Even big man Duncan tends to lay it up on a fast break. The pass they ball around until the get the other team out of position and make the shot.
Sure the ESPN talking heads may not have any fun catch phrases about them, but they get results.

2. There style of play is something I can understand. As a 6 foot white dude with little ups as the kids say I can relate to the Spurs. Not in my wildest dreams could I see myself dunking over some NBA monster. But I can picture a slightly more athletic version of myself bidding my time for an open jumper or tossing it into Tim to put it in. My wife was peaking over my shoulder and laughed a little to hard at that one.

3. With the Minny teams all sucking…stuff…I have to find some level of enjoyment out there somewhere.

4. Tim Duncan is a beast, and by beast I mean a quiet college grad playing his part as a true member of his team with 4 rings to show for his humble selfless style of play.

5.a. Tazer ball isn’t on TV and…
5.b. The Bikini hockey season hasn’t started yet…
…so what else am I gonna watch.

The Spurs have three legit stars in Ginobli, Duncan and Parker. I have a nice collection of Duncan rookies
but not a single Parker RC. I am not sure why I have never tried to pick one up. I think it has to do with the fact he was married to Evan Longoria’s sister.
For some reason she bothers me. Anyway.

Tonight I will sit clutching my collection of TD rookies watching the clock tick later and later into the night as I know it will mean I will be late for my car pool in the morning. But that’s OK, how often do you get to see the Spurs dominate a playoff series. Pretty often actually, maybe I should go to bed.



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