Very interesting…brought to you by ebay…

I was rolling around ebay and came across this lot.

Now anytime a lot of cards says something along the lines “stars from the ’80s and ’90s” you can bet it’s mostly gonna be junk. This auction is a little more interesting because they pulled out some of the heavies. The Utley and Mattingly get you almost half way to the current bid. you could almost justify the money for the fun factor. that is until you realize the shipping cost doubles the amount to right around $50.

I am also a little skeptical of what would be left in the box since it looks like he pulled out anything of even limited interest. The dude does have 100% feedback so he is legit, maybe there is some sweet shit in there.

One final note, you know’s quality when they tell you the total weight of the cards. Everyone knows when it comes to cards quantity always trumps quality.



2 responses to “Very interesting…brought to you by ebay…

  1. Even at 50 bucks, you’re still only paying 1 penny per card. Looks like it could be fun to pick through.

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