Forget Dwight Howard and his coach getting fired butt. There is only one real Superman. Or is it Four?


I took a slight detour from cards back around ’92ish and got big time into comics. I am not ashamued to admit I was one of the many collectors and fans that jumped in around the Death of Superman event.

This lead to an obsessison that resulted in boxes of foil embossed and die cut comic books.It pains but me but I should propbublt add “and worthess” to that sentance. I have Batman getting his ass kicked, a new Batman in an iron man suit, Wolversine getting his adamantium ripped out, the age of Apocolipse, Spawn, Wildcats, Gen 23, Deathwatch…the list goes on an on.

As I was looking through them a few days ago to see if there was anything worth trying to sell on ebay I pulled out the stack of the Reign of the Supermen saga. Including the little card up above.

Sure it was typical early ’90s junk, but it was fun. I remember having a conversation with some freinds about which of the four Supermen was the real supes. I was %100 in the Cyborg Supes camp.

I believe all 4 of theose cats are still around. I think Cyborg played a big part in the Darkest Night deal a few years ago.

I did actually score an auto from Dan Jurgens on the cover of Super 75. It may not be worth a ton but is still a pretty cool little get.



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