I’m back…

Sorry for the dropout there.

I lost a little push with collecting for a moment. It’s not anything about changes in the hobby, or over production of relics and autos, or sticker or whatever people typically give as a reason. Nope my reason for being depressed about cards is simple.

The Twins f—ing blow!

Normally by this time in the season I am watching the guys in the minors and picking up there cards. Making sure I have the next big things. Right now I just don’t care.

It’s sad as a Twins fan to see what this team has become.

They are the worst team in the AL, currently at 15 and 32. This is a team that has two former AL MVPs, a manager of the year winner, and what was once one of the strangest farm systems around. Now they are a joke.

What happened.

I think they lost their identity. The moments they signed Mauer to a monster deal and he was touted as one of the top 5, or even top 2 players in the league the Twins forgot they were the Twins. They started to think like the big boys, only didn’t go all the way.

If you’re gonna be a monster deal type of team you need to actually go out and make monster deals.

For starters how about some pitchers!

Anyway, I am back.

I have mess of stuff from Panini, some more ebay pick ups, some thoughts on new stuff dropping, maybe even some hits of yore.

This is the aftermath of Friday night to wet your appetite.

So stay tuned.



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