Nice cards, dare I say Elite…

The NHLs worst nightmares have come true. New Jersey is playing the Kings for the Cup. Unlike other sports hockeys big markets reside in the center of the country. This is akin to the Pacers facing Spurs in an NBA championship. Sure it may be a good game but no one will watch.

Anyway, hockey is still a great sport and offers up some of the best cards around. Case in point 2011-12 Panini Elite.

Lets start with the base cards.
I love these.

The broder is all mirror and silver, it has a cool older school look like an early ’90s insert. If it was 1992 and I pulled one of these I would be very excited. Then I would try and figure out who the hell Sidney Crosby was, then I would drive over to my friend Joe’s house in my moms mini van and we would look under the washing machine at his parents house for change to get some gas. But I digress.

Elite has some sick parallels.
So colorful and so die cut. It wasn’t until I looked at the scan that I realized the gold an red have slightly difefrent die cutting.

I got a handfull of red but just one gold, it is numbered to 99. A nice solid parelells. I mean who doesn’t love die cutting.

My first roommate my freshman year at the University of Minnesota Duluth was this Pakistani kid and his dad was a die maker. So I always think of him when I see a die cut card. We didn’t get along at all. At first I figured it was cultural differences. Then one day I was talking to some of his Pakistani friends and they told me it wasn’t a cultural thing, he was just an asshole. He moved out half way through the year and I got a new roommate. The new dude was from Duluth and brought a nice TV and stereo to the room and a huge, and I mean huge, stack of Penthouse magazines. He was a good roommate.

In addition to the die cut cards you also have blue border rookies.
I love these. They look great in hand. The blue just pops.

They also have auto versions.
Very nice. one of my favorite auto sets of the year. Big ups for this guy being an SP as well.

Speaking of college. I can’t remember but a handful off times actually doing laundry in school. I must have stunk back then. I dated and did just fine so I guess I was especially charming.

You also get your prerequisite stack of inserts.

Similar to the base this guy has a classic old school look and feel.
They have used a similar design in EEE and it works here just as well.

They also have these.
They are nice enough. I prefer the rookie versions a little more.

I prefer the blue. I guess i am just a liberal at heart.

Fun fact, I was in college in Minny when Jesse Ventura was elected. What a weird episode in Minnesota politics. I remember my professors being none too happy about the Body being in office.

All in all a solid release. The cards have a great look and offer up enough stuff to keep your interest.

More Hockey to come in the next few days.

By the way I am excited for the cup Finals. It would be nice to see Brodeur win another ring.



One response to “Nice cards, dare I say Elite…

  1. Love the look of this set, but I’ve heard it’s not worth the $$$ from many who have busted boxes and cases. I will stick to singles on this one myself. Speaking of Brodeur, I’d LOVE to see him get another ring and retire with the cup in hand. Not to mention I’m a HUGE Parise fan. :))

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