He’s back…

It appears before guest blogging on the mojobeard someone had a stint at Topps.


How else do you explain this card.


When reached for comment he had this to say.

A&G Nostradamus: “That’s right beoches, I, the great seer of seers, called this one back in 2008 when I was working as a designer for Topps.”

K: “You got the date, team and score wrong.”

A&G Nostradamus: Why don’t you kiss my ass, you think this is easy? I lived long before there was baseball, hitters, no-hitters and what ever the hell a Johan Santana is!”

K: “Well he is a guy not a thing”

A&G Nostradamus: “Whatever dude, have you ever predicted something so amazing?”

K: “Keep this up and I predict you will need a new blog to talk to…”

A&G Nostradamus: ” I’ll be good, just don’t put me back in the box with those 1970’s hockey cards again, those mother$%#$%^ are crazy.”

Congrats to the Mets and Johan, a first for both.

I wish I hadn’t sold my Johan No-No card a couple years ago, I bet that things would sell for triple right now.



One response to “He’s back…

  1. I think that Santana’s no-hitter leaves the Padres as the only franchise to never have had one in their history (unless you don’t count the Nationals’ history-as-Expos).

    It seems time for Topps to produce a gimmick “Jason Marquis Pitches Improbable Friar Perfecto!”

    Let’s see A&G Nostradomer prognosticatify that one!

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