Past, Present and some more Past…

I dropped some scans of Panini’s recent bball set, Past and Present. Here is a little more.

Here is a look at the base, how low can low go, Death Row? What a brother knows. Once again back is the incredible, rhyme animal… actually it’s just K-love and Rubio.

I like the base design. It’s got that nice modern/retro mix going on. The red is bold and I like the weathered effect on a retroish card. The card backs are also pretty cool.
Bold and strong, like me.

They also have these variations on the base.
Very old school. I likes.
Old school like this works best on bball. With the ABA and all it’s craziness this works very well for the hardwood.

The former art teacher in me will tell you part of the appeal is the use of primary colors, always a strong choice.

In addition to current players you get old timers.
A variation on the regular cards but the same feel. Well executed. I wish the Lakers were still in Mpls, the name makes so much more sense there. I grew up near Lake Harriet, the local high school’s sports nickname was the Lakers. I didn’t go there though, I was a mighty South Tiger.

The set has a butt load of inserts. Some of the best inserts in a while.

The strangest is these dudes.
There are several different names all based around “bread”, like the stuff you make sandwiches on. I am not sure what it is all about. They are also not my favorite looking cards. The front looks like it should be back. The back looks like this.
I think it’s supposed to look like a slice of bread.

Did your mom ever try and pass a slice of bread off as a bun as a kid. Like you ran out of buns and she slapped a hotdog on a slice and wrapped it around. So weak! Or even worse a burger on two slices. Now if you toast it up with some melted cheese you have yourself a nice patty melt.

The rest of the inserts play with embossing and various printing technology.

These are cool enough.
The brick wall has slight texture. The logos looks really nice.

These guys made the rounds on the internets a while back.
These have a real smooth surface with the paint splatters having a shiny look. Very nice. The black background and the team colors used in the splash looks great. I love the Mullin version.
These have a very late ’90s feel.

I wish Panini had made these more rare, like one per box. Really work to make a big time non-auto or relic hit.

Same with these.


They have a cool effect, it looks cloudy in the scan but very cool in person.

I think I will finish the rest of the review in another post…



3 responses to “Past, Present and some more Past…

  1. The bread cards are a reference to cards from 1950. Here’s a link to one of them:

  2. D-Rose inserts! Sweet! Also Artis Gilmore’s epic hair!

  3. Here’s a nice gallery of the 1950 National Baking Company “Bread for Health” basketball set:

    These went on the ends of bread loaf bags as a premium. You can probably imagine the low probability of survival, much less in uncreased, bent, or folded condition.

    They also made NFL football bread inserts as well, that year.

    What I’d really like to see is a subset of a NBA all-star child support team, and title it “Monies for Honeys”.

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