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Previously on the Mojobeardy…

A little of this
and a little of that
I didn’t get to this, so here ya go

OK we are all caught up.

The last insert set is pretty badass, it takes a concept we have seen in the past and makes it something new.
It takes the bball texture on a card but plays with the theme. See the name is Changing Times. so on the older cards you get a little something different.
Cool right. I love the old ABA balls.

When we go back even further we get this.
The ball changes as does the font of the logo. I think it’s pretty slick.

They need more George Mikan stuff. I would love a jersey card of bballs Babe Ruth.

I posted a picture of the relic card I pulled but here it is again.
Pretty sick.

The box gave me three autos and they we cool enough.

I will say i am a little torn on theses. The design is nice but doesn’t seem to blend with the rest of the set. That said the three autos I puled were of some sweet players.
Salley was big time with the Pistons back in the day and was as much a personality as he was a player. Something that carried over into his post playing career.

I loved Hardaway in his Run TMC days. I love that the card has him mid crossover, mid-killer crossover that is!

Sure it’s not Kobe but as far as subjects of auto cards i couldn’t be happier.

The final auto was the best of the three.
Mash was a beast in his day and a bigdog hobby wise for a few years.

Not a best selection of autos if you ask me.

The final card is one I missed first go-round. It wasn’t until I was looking around on ebay I realized what it was.
A one per box SP, of Mr. James no less. not too bad.

I am a fan. If they do it again in 2012-13 and include rookies we have a major contendor on our hands.



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