The draft…

So yesterday was the MLB draft. I don’t like how MLB keeps trying to act like their draft is like the NBA or NFL. A big pick in baseball isn’t like other sports. Even the best most big league ready guys are years away from the pros, with a few exceptions.

The Twins had the second pick, because they suck, and picked up this dude.
Byron Buxton, a high school outfielder from Georgia. Many feel he may be the best all around position player in the draft. I don’t know much about him but it seems like a decent pick. They also picked up a mess of pitchers. Stocking up on hurlers is always a good way to go.

Speaking of which…

The Pirates had the steal of the first round when they snagged this dude at #8
Mark Appel from Stanford. Many thought he would go #1.

The Pirates have picked up a ton of talented young pitchers over the last few drafts. If they can actually hold on to some talent they may have a scary rotation in a few years.

The Twins should be able to land the 1st pick in next years draft the way they are playing. So who knows in 3-4 years they may be able to field a decent team.



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