NBA Champions…of cardboard…

So we are set for a showdown between the Heat and the Thunder. It should prove to be a great series. Granted I would have loved to see the Spurs win it all but I have no issue with either of these teams. In fact I like both teams and will be happy no matter which teams comes out on top.

Fun fact, one team has a player that shares my first name, the other has a player that shares my last name.

Card wise it is a collectors dream. Both teams are full of players that have been all over hot lists the last few years.

I have a handful of rookies of both teams.

Value wise it’s no contest, the heat Dominate.
Lebron James rookies are the biggest in the sport, maybe any sport. a championship will send them to absurd heights.

His buddy D-Wade saw a huge jump when he picked up a ring a few years ago, a second ring will send them back into the top tier.

OKC’s big man is not as big as James but battles the likes of Rose and Blake for the second spot of the post 2000 rookie cards.
A ring would pull him up into the Lebron and Kobe realm. Not as high as those two, but up there.

Russell has been one of the better players in the last few years but he hasn’t been able to break into the big time. A ring will put him there.

Bosch and Harden also have some card swagger but still don’t touch the 4 dudes above.

We will have to see how it plays out, but either way my collection should see a nice bump!



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