Hits of Yore…the return…

I forget what number in the series this would be, 12 maybe? Anyway here is the triumphant return of hits of Yore.

Back in 1992 Shaq was huge, he was LeBron only funnier. Any one of his cards was cause for celebration.

I picked up some packs of ’92 Classic football. I flipped through and came across this card.
I remember thinking, “why is a baller in a football set.” I didn’t give it a second thought and moved on. I was probably distracted by a Desmond Howard rookie.

My dad was helping me put together a set and held up the card. “I think this is pretty good” he said. He read the back and to my surprise it was a limited edition card, only 10,000 were made.

That may seem like a ton but at the time it was really exciting. I felt like a won the lottery.

It was a promo for the yet to be released 1992 bball set.

Promos were pretty big at the time so it was all kinds of cool.

At the time it was about a $100 card. Easily my best pull at that point, and probably for a long time afterwords.

Shaq is one of the greats and this is a pretty cool card. It’s maybe $10 these days but still one of my favorites.



2 responses to “Hits of Yore…the return…

  1. I pulled that card too! I collected anything SHAQ when I was growing up. I collected him until 1999, when I got out of basketball all together. I think I still have that collection at my parents house. probably should go through it someday. who knows, maybe I have something worth while. haha

  2. That card does rock! Great call!

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