American pickers card fail…

I was flipping around waiting for Whale Wars to come on tonight and was watching the end of an episode of American pickers.

So the short one is in some dudes house or whatever and comes across a stack of 3200 count monster boxes. He starts flipping through and from the shots it seems like a mess of mid ’80s junk, one card I recognized was an’86 Kelly Gruber.
Not the most sought after of cards.

There were a few older cards, notably a handfull of 1958 cards, but in rough shape and based on the other cards around them, (mid ’70s league leader cards) my guess is even the older cards were crappola. The cards were in toploaders and looked to have prices on them. So my guess is they came form a dealer who dumped his crap and kept anything of value or interest.

The little dude offered $100 per box, and obviously the dude takes it. He way over payed. Even my wife wife was like “he got hosed”.



One response to “American pickers card fail…

  1. I just saw that episode and thought the same thing.

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