I could have been a Contender(s)…

I’ve had these for a little while but wanted to wait for the Cup champs to emerge before posting, so here it is…

Quick here was a beast in the playoffs. He looks great on this card. It’s a nice clean design, very crisp. In the past Contenders have had very thick looking borders so the full bleed look here is a nice contrast.

Here are a few more of Quicks buddies.
I love the flex in Richards stick, a great photo.

How about some more base cards
Even with injuries and all these dudes are still the top dogs. These guys always look good and they look gerat here.

The base cards have a great look, lots of color and nice big bold pictures. I really love the look of these cards. They have a really high in binder appeal rating.

There are parallels with various Contenders themes.
I am pretty sure the Wild don’t have any of these.

Base is fine and all but contenders is all about rookies.
I like the simplicity of Caldor Contenders design, the base with the added label up top and a little serial numbering on the side.

We also get the auto versions.
On card is sure to please. I really love the blue and green unis of Vancouver.

There are a few other autos
A great looking design.

I also got a signature patch redemption. these are really sweet with a nice black design. Here is a peak at what they looking like. They are at the bottom.

Lets finish off with a big name.
Roy is the man and is there anything cooler in any sport than hoisting the cup?



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