New favorite…bro…

you may have seen this but here it is again.
all you need to watch is about the first 25 seconds

Hysterical. What better way to completely take down a dumb reporter than to call him a clown.

I love the fact he called the dude a CLOWN! That is so much more effective at taking someone out than even telling them to f$%# off. so funny.

Bryce may be overhyped in the hobby but he seems to get results and seems to have his act together.

I hope he and the nats can keep it up.

Just don’t cross him, he may even call you a joker!



3 responses to “New favorite…bro…

  1. I think you must’ve jinxed him today… 0-7 with 5 K’s.. ouchh.. the video was hilarious though lol

  2. I thought it was pretty funny, too.

    However, I noticed that he was more than happy to call out the reporter for doing his job stupidly, but when he struck out 5 times he didn’t make himself available to the media, possibly for fear that a reporter would call his performance clown-like. Got to be able to take as well as give.

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